12 Easy DIY Wedding Projects

Looking for a DIY project for your wedding day, but don’t want to invest hours in the task or end up with a mess all over your house? Whether you want to add a personal touch or save a little money, DIY wedding decorations and favors are fun and creative. Gather a few supplies and invite your friends over for a fun wedding planning event with these easy DIY projects.

Table Numbers

Give your tables fun flare with custom table numbers. There are many ways to create table numbers that complement your décor. One easy project idea uses wine corks. Glue or tie three together in a cluster and stick the table number in the top. Or add table numbers to wooden rounds for a rustic look.

Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

Add a vineyard feel to your wedding reception with easy cocktail tables. Turn a wine barrel on end and place a round tabletop on top for a rustic cocktail table that’s the ideal height.

Aisle Décor

Add a splash of color to an outdoor aisle without spending more money on flowers. Gather sheets of colorful craft paper, a large paper punch in whatever shape you like, and wood craft sticks. Punch shapes out of the paper and glue them together on top of the stick. Then place the sticks in the ground along the aisle: adorable, easy, and festive.

Wooden Signs

Direct wedding guests with simple, wooden signs that make a great addition to an outdoor wedding. Attach wooden arrows to a stake to point guests to the right locations. Or write simple messages on wooden signs and post them around the reception space.

Twine Centerpieces

Create a rustic or natural centerpiece by wrapping a straight-sided vase with twine. Secure it with a couple dots of hot glue, then leave it plain or dress it up with something sparkly, like sequins or metallic spray paint.

Cork Place Card Holders

Collect corks in the months before the wedding or purchase them at a craft store for this easy way to display place cards. Cut a small slit in the top of the cork, then dip the bottom in paint. Insert a place card in the slit to add a fun touch to the table décor.

Customized Stamps

Stamps are a great way to add a personal touch to many wedding moments. Order a custom stamp (or a couple) with your names and wedding date, your monogram, or a short message. Then have fun adding your mark to all sorts of wedding décor. Invitations, programs, favors, and escort cards are a few ideas.

Wrapping Paper Wedding Programs

Gather a few rolls of bold, graphic wrapping paper in a similar color scheme. Attach the paper to the back of ceremony programs for a unique and festive look that’s easy to achieve.

Mason Jars

Versatile mason jars are a great addition to wedding décor. Use them to hold centerpieces or swap out glasses with jars for a more relaxed, rustic feel. Try decorating them with paint or a custom wedding label. Fill small mason jars with candies or another treat for easy DIY wedding favors. Serve dessert in them, like custards, individual pies, or parfaits.

Shipping Tag Favor Cards

Give favors a personal touch with homemade tags. Stop by an office supply store for inexpensive shipping tags, then write or print a message on each one for your guests. Add the table number and your favors do double duty as escort cards.

Wedding Stickers

Design a custom wedding sticker and dress up everything from favors to thank you cards. Print them yourself or order early to get them printed for you.

Rosemary Wreath Place Card Holders

A simple wreath of rosemary makes a great place card holder and looks beautiful on top of a linen napkin. Plus, they smell great. Gather sprigs of rosemary and bend each one into a small circle. Secure the two ends with floral wire, then cover the wire with a small bow of twine. Tuck a small place card across the middle of the wreath.

These are just a few ideas for easy DIY wedding projects. Add some fun and creativity to wedding planning by choosing a DIY project that suits your style. Your guests are sure to appreciate the personal touch this gives your wedding day.