7 Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Writing thank you cards is often an after thought that becomes a stressor for most couples. Use these tips from the experts at The Orchard Event Venue & Retreat to make the job easier as you express heartfelt thanks to your guests.

As the wedding gifts start rolling in and the excitement of the coming wedding day grows, couples face the rather daunting task of penning personal thank you cards. Whether you’re working on this project in the midst of hectic wedding planning or facing the challenge after the wedding, writing thank you notes is an unpleasant task for many couples.

Start Early

Prepare for success before you receive the first gift. Make a copy of your guest list with a column for gifts and thank you cards so you can keep track of who sent what and check it off when you’ve thanked them. It’s also a handy way to have all the addresses you need in one place.

Write Cards by Hand

Always write thank you cards by hand; pre-printed cards seem cold and impersonal. Texts and emails aren’t substitutes for handwritten thank you cards either, so don’t fall back on those as options. Sometimes it’s helpful to acknowledge you’ve received a shipped gift right away with a quick text, but follow up with a handwritten note.

Gather Supplies

Make thank you writing more fun by gathering the appropriate supplies. Choose stationery you both enjoy, a good pen with black or blue ink, and a roll of Forever stamps. Create a station to keep all your supplies so you have a comfortable place to sit down and write.

Be Prompt

Don’t wait to send thank you cards; write them promptly while your excitement and appreciation for the gifts are fresh. Send cards for gifts received before the wedding within two weeks and cards for gifts received at or after the wedding within three months. Of course, if you don’t end up making it within these timelines, don’t use that as an excuse for not writing cards at all; a late thank you is better than no thank you.

Create a Plan

Sitting down to write wedding thank you cards for all the gifts received quickly becomes mind-numbing. Instead, create a plan and break the task into smaller chunks. Try setting aside 20 or 30 minutes in the evening to write notes or a slightly longer time on Sunday afternoons. Divide the list between yourself and your partner in a way that works well for you. Remember to both sign the cards regardless of which one of you wrote them because the wedding gifts are to both of you.

Focus on the Giver

Avoid starting thank you cards with “I.” Try to focus more on the giver and the gift throughout the card by using “you” more than “I” or “me.”

Personalize the Note

Use specifics to make the thank you card more personal: Mention the gift and how you plan to use it or what you like about it. Think about the person and consider looking at the gift for inspiration as you prepare to write. Be sure to thank the person for attending your wedding if appropriate and for sharing in this special time. Here are some ideas for different types of gifts:

  • A cash gift – Thank them for the money without mentioning the specific amount; generous or a similar word works well. Include how you plan to use the money.
  • A group gift – Send cards to individual members of smaller groups, but consider mentioning how much you appreciate the group as a whole.
  • A gift from someone you don’t know – Acknowledge you don’t know each other and mention that you look forward to meeting. Try to link the person to a mutual friend or relative.
  • A gift you don’t like – Don’t rave about a gift you don’t like. Instead, mention the gift but focus on your general appreciation and how the giver is important to you.

Writing thank you cards for all the lovely wedding gifts you received is often a bit overwhelming. Using these tips can help make the task manageable for you and your partner because celebrating your love & union should be happy and stress free!